Website development and design for the London-based Twist Museum, an immersive experience that explores – and puts to the test – the power of your mind in experiencing the world around you.

Website for Circular Hubs, a project by BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V. with the goal of bringing people and organizations together on a regional and topic-specific basis in order to jointly advance the sustainable circular transformation. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website for Techstyler, a sustainability and innovation consultancy firm based in London. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website for Dutch Originals, the umbrella brand name for leading Dutch design furniture.

Website for SOS Humanity, a non-governmental search and rescue organisation striving for a world in which the human rights of all are respected. In collaboration with Arne Spremberg and Anton Leitner.

Website for Space of Urgency, a platform working in partnership with cultural initiatives, political agents, independent media, universities and local governments to create new ways of safeguarding independent cultural spaces and their communities.

Website for Struma+Iodine, a music platform engaging with the deeper structures of the present as a contribution to the globally distributed efforts of transforming them. We focus on rhythms of a diffuse community that is based on pulses and frequencies. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website for Fotogalleriet, an institution dedicated to photography as a critical artistic practice since 1977, located in central Oslo.

Website for Redesign Deltas, a project by TU Delft about the management of environmental crisis in deltas.

Website for VLAN, a virtual concert stage for Viennese musicians, performance artists and podcasters, with the goal to make them accessible to a wide audience. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website development and design for Shasha, an the independent streaming service for South-West Asian and North African cinema.

COVID-19 event assessment website for Clubcommission Berlin. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website for Awareness Akademie, a Berlin-based organization that supports the development of and the sensibilization for anti-discriminatory structures and is actively working for the prevention of violence and exclusion within club culture. Design by Maximilian Mauracher.

Website development and design for Saatchi Yates, a commercial art gallery based in London.

Website development and design for artist Noa Jansma and her personal project “Buy Cloud” where she investigates how natural phenomena are turned into (exploitable) resources. On mobile the website turns into an e-commerce. Developed with Michael Tjia.

Website for the faculty of architecture of the Technische Universität Berlin.

Website development and design for GUP Magazine, an international photography magazine based in Amsterdam.

Website for and art space and gallery based in Venice.